Chaparral growing in the Verde Valley.

All About Desert Rain

I'm MaziGrace and have always been drawn to Nature and Healing from Mother Earth. Schooled in New York as a floral designer I have always used local plants gathered in Nature to adorn my floral bokays, centerpieces or wall hangings. While living in Southeast Alaska, I learned how to make salves and tinctures and other plant medicines from theTlingit and Haida Natives.

After I moved to Arizona, I visited Ditoh, a well-known local herbologist who introduced me to the Chaparral or Creosote plant.
A few months later, I took an herbology course at Yavapai College where I learned about the various plants here in the Verde Valley. Excited, I went home and played with some formulas and recipies, did a lot of research and a year later, with lots of trial and error, came up with a recipe for skin care products that restores, moisturizes, protects and soothes the skin, and all made from the Sacred Chaparral Plant.

When I gather Chaparral, I first do a ceremony
thanking Mother Earth for her abundant gift of Chaparral and it's amazing properties.

Then, I bless all those who are going to use it and benefit from it.
Treading lightly on Mother Earth, I do a meditation, drum ceremony, with song and dance in honor of Her.

I use all natural, organic oils and butters, free of any harmful chemicals in my Desert Rain preparations.

Each small batch is lovingly made with medatitive music in the early morning hours,
then blessed with a Reiki Energy Prayer.

Thank you for supporting a small woman owned business.
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